Warcraft III


"Playing with NAMSLA" installation Directions

  • Install Warcraft 3:

Download the game here if you don't have it (lan only).

  • Download and install the latest patch:

You can find here.

If it fails to patch, try updating it patch-by-patch from 1.21b to the latest one. Alternatively, you can log onto battle.net and it will patch your game for you.

  • Install Hamachi (use only this version, never upgrade! Blackmail your parents into having sex with you as well).
  • Open Hamachi and join the network "namsla" with the password "aids".

This will connect you to the NAMSLA pirate LAN network.

  • Summon more Ziggurats.

Alternatively, you could just buy the game and stop being a cheapskate. It's around thirty dollars for two amazing games. You can buy and download the game online from the Blizzard store.

Hamachi Troubleshooting and Lancraft

"Warcraft III often wont use the Hamachi connection by default.

Wc3 determines what IP to use dependent upon the Windows hierarchy for network devices. You need to move Hamachi to the top of this hierarchy in order for Wc3 to use that IP. You must do this on ALL computers that will be playing Wc3.

1. Open Network Connections.
2a. (VISTA) Press ALT to activate the Menu Bar.
2b. Click "Advanced" found in the menu bar.
3. Click Advanced Settigns (Opens the "Advanced Settings" dialog box).
4. In the top box, select "Hamachi".
5. Click the up arrow to the right until hamatchi is at the top.
6. Click "OK"
7. Restart/Start Wc3"


Note that almost all of these changes requires a system restart to make it kick into action, so do as such.

If all else fails download a program called LANcraft from here and paste the host's Hamachi IP into the IP box then launch Warcraft 3. Put it onto your desktop for when you need it because you're one of THOSE people.

Advanced adjusting of Warcraft 3's settings for modern systems

Download a tool called "War3config" from here. This tool will allow you to do all kinds of neat things that are outside of Warcraft 3's conventional settings such as setting the graphical settings to an advanced high quality or to a higher resolution, making it look pretty. Sometimes it can screw up Warcraft 3's textures, making everything but the 3D models blurry. To fix this, go into Warcraft 3's video options in-game and change the texture setting.

Custom maps

Footmen Frenzy

(you orbit around me bitch)

Latest version here

Defense of the Ancients (DoTA)

(my team r such noobs lol)

Latest version here

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