The Plan

When someone streams, we get people to play micspams/talk mad shit over them to spur them on/annoy him MST3K style.

Welcome to the Satellite of Shit.

1:56 AM - dudeboobs: Cheq the plan
1:57 AM - dudeboobs: Like audio bukkake
2:11 AM - dudeboobs: Could someone photoshop two warped into spheres cans of span, then like a microphone in the middle
2:11 AM - dudeboobs: spam
2:11 AM - dudeboobs: Spam is balls, micrphone is shaft
2:13 AM - dudeboobs: Rule of thirds
2:13 AM - Xeno Cucked By John Numbers: current namsla:
2:13 AM - dudeboobs: yes
2:14 AM - dudeboobs: Maybe everyone should have their own personal theme too
2:15 AM - dudeboobs: I'm partial to this
2:16 AM - Cere Bogard: namsla can open a medical clinic
2:16 AM - Cere Bogard: Dr Phil and Nurse Cere
2:16 AM - dudeboobs: could be nice
2:16 AM - Cere Bogard: hama is the chef that jacks off into people's food
2:17 AM - Cere Bogard: Xeno is the bear so he's a perfect patient transporter
2:18 AM - dudeboobs: Bear force 1
2:18 AM - dudeboobs:

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