Long ago Phil Ken Sebben invited Terry to NAMSLA, little did he know he just infected NAMSLA with the worst case of herpes in history. Terry, despite getting kicked and banned thousands of times still comes back even if he is banned from NAMSLA; he just makes a new Steam account to come and chat with NAMSLA again. Everywhere Terry goes, he leaves faggotry and drama in his wake. Never has there been a man in all of history that has been able to annoy and to rage as much as he, even the people in AIDS POOL have gone as far as to mute him.

Terry IRL

Terry doing what he does best (Being a hipster faggot.)


Terry has sort of a fetish for scene bitches. He had a scene girlfriend in high school, but she was sort of a bitch so Terry dropped dat hoe.


Among other things, Terry also enjoys DAT ASS, feet, futa, and older women.


Terry has fucking horrible taste in games, his favorites include:

Deus Ex
Starcraft (Though 99% the time he plays all he does is turtle for an hour or goes AFK)
Half-Life 2
S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl
and Max Payne 2 (He walked around for 10 minutes on the first level because he didn't see the entrance right fucking next to him, what a dick.)


Xenophobic Airport: you come in here, irritate people, eventually get banned, get unbanned, we're like "oh that terry is such a card", your sins are forgiven and then the cycle repeats itself

AlabamaPorchMonkey: I imagine Terry looks like Bisu except more retarded, if that's possible.

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