Super Smash Brothers Melee

Tourneyfag shit that Hanny likes.

Purpose of the Game

The purpose of SSBM is to be a fucking fanservice for fat 40 year old Nintendo fans. But the game basicly involves Nintendo characters trying to knock each other of the side of small stages.


SSBM, has evolved into being somewhat a competitive sport, but not to the level of Starcraft. But still, it had enough of a competitive community before it's shitty sequal, Brawl, released for people to win over $40,000 USD.


Sometime during Melee being at the top of it's competitive community, Nintendo decided that people playing a game competitively was wrong, and made a sequel that all around dummed down the game and made it no where near as competitive as Melee. Brawl basically destroyed the Smash Bros.' series place in the MLG, and tournaments are now focused around either rebalanced and modded versions of Brawl, or still Melee.


Hanny has become pissed with all the professional Starcraft circlejerking, that he started posting professional Melee videos. But nobody in NAMSLA cares because they want to pretend to be Korean.

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