I get a lot of questions regarding streaming games and things on my desktop so I guess I'll tell you all how my set up works and what settings I have/etc. I was initially against doing something like this because it took me a lot of time to get things to work out just right and I want a monopoly on the fruits of my meddling. So I've decided I'm not going to show you everything about how I get such high quality streams but I will show you the basic set up and how you can stream your own stuff with it. I just hope when I actually finish this whole guide there isn't like 873892764283746 steams.


  • VHScreen Capture Driver (Camera Emulator)

I use basically 3 programs to stream, the first and most important is the camera emulator program. It's a program that pretends your desktop is a camera instead of, say, an actual webcam or capture card. Personally, I use VHScreen Capture Driver because it doesn't hog cpu power like WebCamMax or Camtasia Studio's built in capture driver, but if you have something like a Q6600 at 4Ghz you could probably get a bit higher quality screen capture then what I use. You can look up on the internet how to use it. Its always good to set the capture FPS to 60 or higher even though you may be streaming at 20 fps it will ensure less choppyness.

  • Adobe Flash Media Encoder (Streamer/Encoder)

This is actually the last program you would need to set up using the full set up I have but you don't need the next program if you don't care about getting super high quality streams. Anyway, get Flash Media Encoder 3 and follow this link. Scroll down and it will show you how to stream using the encoder. Note that Livestream uses 500kb/s upload rate so that's the maximum you can upload with. I've found that it is best ratio for Video to audio is 460/40 kb/s Video/Audio.

  • Camtasia Studio 5; Camtasia Recorder (Encoder/Codec Chooser/Camera zoom function)

I'll talk about this one later when I'm bored again. Also, don't use version 6, it took out the live stream option.

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