Starshit, shitcraft, shitshit, all are applicable, as this is one of the worst games ever made. Seriously, how can people even play this shit?

NAMSLA Hamachi


1. Install Starcraft, download the 100MB version here if you don't have it (lan only).

2. Install Hamachi (use only this version, never upgrade!).

3. Open Hamachi and join the network "namsla" with the password "aids".

4. (See step 7 and 8 for easier way) Install ForceBindIP.

5. Create a shortcut. The FilePath of the shortcut you have to create: forcebindip.exe 5.x.x.x "C:\Program Files\StarCraft\Starcraft.exe" (note: change the x's to whatever your hamachi ip number is)

6. Make sure you have this; patch 1.16.1. You can also log on to and it will update your game for you.

7. You can also get Chaoslauncher for 1.16.1 and download this plugin (ForceHamachi) to the Chaoslauncher directory.

8. Enable ForceHamachi in the config menu when you open up Chaoslauncher and press the start button.

9. Start up StarCraft>Click on Multiplayer>StarCraft Brood War Expansion>Local Area Network (UDP)>make an ID>Now click on your name; you should now be able to see/create a game.

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