The Kingdom of Self-Loathing, or: How I Learned To Stop Being Productive and Love The Autism

OCD block-stacking and autism simulator.

Weegee created an offline server for all the pirates who cannot be fucked to pay 13 bucks for this bastard child of Infiniminer and Lego.

A usual day in Minecraft consists of out-sperging each other with decidedly larger structures space stations giant rock phalluses, and then trolling the ever loving fuck out of the subsequent creation with large amounts of TNT.

How to win at Minecraft

1. Ask for OP status
2. '/give <name> 46 64'
3. Repeat until inventory is full
4. Spam
5. Detonate
6. Lose OP status
7. ???
8. Profit.

More Tierfaggotry

Admin Abuse Tier

- Ouija

Can't Quit Fucking w/ Lava Tier:

- Corvus
- Xeno

Autist in Denial Tier:


Kicked on Site Tier:

- Pinko
- Troll
- Hama

Quiet Sperg Tier:

- Dudeboobs
- Snoobz

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