League Of Legends

Faggot game for faggots that's like if Defense of the Ancients and Torchlight had an aspie baby.

Everyone is addicted and it makes namsla rage like bitches.

Kid's can't deal.

Tourneyfag Tier Shit

Emperor Tier

- Quality

Nerdrage Tier

- Ouija Missile
- loli battle machine

Bill Murray

- Bill Murray

BR Tier

- Phil Ken Sebben

Sucks at Tanking Tier


Killstealing Faggot Tier

- Corvus
- Dudeboobs

Support Tier


Hugs Towers Tier

- Snoobz
- Pinko
- Xeno
- Azker

Truly Outrageous Tier

- Taric

Nerds Can't Deal Tier

- Troll
- Hama
- Monty

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