Islam is the Arab religion, it is cruel, hateful and against modern and western societies.
They chop off heads of people who lie to the government, and they stone or hang people cheating on their spouses.
All that out in the street, where the little children play Soccer.

In europe and america, they tend to hold back, but there are still those so called "honor murders."
In Germany, from january 1st, 1996 to july 18th, 2005 there were 55 attacks in form of murders and attempted murders with a total of 70 victims, 48 victims were female, 22 were male. 36 women and 12 men died.

Islam is all over the place

Japanese seiyuu and swimsuit model Aya Hirano went to Arab to model:

Islam in Europe

After World War 2, Germany was pretty much devastated, the Germans needed cheap labour force. So the Germans made the stupid mistake of letting people in from eastern yurop and turkey, especially turks, come to germany. They were allowed to marry german wives, have German children, migrating their families to Germany. They started multiplying in Germany, and spreading like a deadly disease soon they will apply for positions in the government and this picture should explain the rest:



A movie, which should open your eyes towards islam. Most people only know the good side of islam, (the "freedom" of islam) but you have yet to get to know the flip side of Islam (allahu akbar etc.).

Fitna part 1 Taken down by the Islam scum!

Fitna part 2 Also taken down by the Islam scum!

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