The cutest guy in NAMSLA, he's a pro Terran player and he's cute and cuddly~<3.

Dxun's Wish

Dxun's wish is to be a dick girl, and fuck a girl that looks like a boy.

What Makes Dxun Amusing

Obvious Troll: it is amusing that no matter how many times i link him to the same image he reacts to it the same way every time

Dxun Suppossed Heterosexuality

Dxun, even though he says he is straight; likes to experiment with his feminine side

Dxun: whats wrong with wanting to experiment with my feminine side?

Dxun has wanted to dress as a girl, and has at times looked up girl hairstyles in the NAMSLA chat.
Dxun also wants to fuck any girl that looks like a prepubescent boy.

Dxun: i love ellen page
AlabamaPorchMonkey: Dxun
Dxun: shes so cute
AlabamaPorchMonkey: you love every girl that looks like a fucking prepubescent boy
Dxun: :3

Monty has been trying for months to make Dxun gay just like him, but Dxun insists that he is straight.

How Hanny got Dxun's pics

Once upon a time, Hanny got pics of his Step Sister while helping her with her computer. After days of begging, Hanny sent those pics to Dxun to get pics of him in return.
Now we have these pics of the cutest guy in the world


Dxun proving he has a boyfriend:

Hanny: I met a guy in Texas on Omegle
Hanny: Oh god Dxun
Hanny: it could be you
Dxun: no
Dxun: im watching SC
Hanny: It could be your friend
Dxun: it could be my girlfriend ;)
Hanny: Hanny: I met a guy in Texas
Hanny: >guy
Hanny: Dxun is gay
Hanny: :3

Dxun yet again proving he's a homo:

Dxun entered chat.
Hanny: Dxun, leave if you're heterosexual
Dxun: wat
Dxun left chat.
Dxun entered chat.
Hanny: Little did Dxun know, it is opposite day!
Hanny: xD
Dxun: sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit

Dxun proving he likes trannys:

Terry: Dxun is straight
Hanny: You like trannys?
Dxun: ^

Dxun lying in the chat:

Dxun: ; ;
Dxun: <no homo
Dxun: i love women

Dxun: >u wish to fuck me crossdress

Dxun discussing his love of scat:

9:16 PM - Dxun: if i was the one pissing and shitting on the girl
9:16 PM - Dxun: that would be hot

Dxun sucking on hama

1:43 AM - angry: you should suck my dick
1:43 AM - Dxun: shit was so good

Dxun on religion

Dxun: god i hae religion


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