Some faggot (NO HE HAS A GIRLFRAND lol angry japs lol sloppy wet flip pussy) who likes cameras or some shit

Azker's Log, Startdate FirstTime.IGotHigh

Ive lost track of the Freeman, but his presence can still be felt. Morgan is lurking around every corner and in the folds of the shadows challenging me to step beyond the boundries and face his chocolate love. I will not go willingly, but i fear i have no choice, this is his world and i am its captive.

Proof of Faggotry out of context bullshit (and the second one isn't even proof of faggotry its proof of troll being half a man)

={Crayven}= Ayumi: :| unfortunatly i can picture troll shoving things up his ass
Montresor: lol
Faith!: brb fappin some more

Obvious Troll: Azker your balls are touching, you're gay.
Faith!: FUCK
Faith!: Troll so are- Oh Well played…


I like to lie about having a girlfriend, I spent thousands of dollars on camera equipment, and I make fun of a fag on the internet because I have no life ;-;. ~ Azker

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