Adcat, or Adkitty, is some sexy nerd who knows bunches of stuff about Steam for some odd reason and likes Linux. Enjoys inflicting pain during sex but is willing to be the penis garage every once and a while, especially for Monty who he loves.
Is also a very important speshal person, with pretty hair.
Adcat is the most popular person in namsla chat, his personality and reservedness cause people to always want more. He is the very bestest cutest all around nicest girlboy in the entire world. Also I will be called gay for doing all this but who cares

8:08 PM: Adcat learns NAMSLA has a wiki.
8:30 PM: Adcat makes every page redirect to GNAA last measure.


10:23 PM - phallus navidad: no shut up
10:23 PM - phallus navidad: im a fag

Adcat doing whatever she does on the computer:

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