Also known as Shitty Nine, he is the original fit pro gamer who wins clan matches by himself. 59 has become an inspiration to NAMSLA, since he has the power to win clan matches all by himself, and be fit all at the same time.

I am better than you at video games

I'm better than you at life & video games. You should probably kill your self.

love, 59


brandon was here. way more pro and fit than this kid will ever be. while this meathead has been at the gym 24/7 i have gone through a training regimen to resist pain and torture. i can sit in an ice bath for 10+ minutes. i can burn myself without even flinching. in fact i have burned my finger tips off for friction less pro fit aiming in Team Fortress 2.
Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect.

59>you, etc etc


Bans: The Curse of Being Too Pro/Fit

By living a life of unrelenting and constant trolling 59 has pushed away anyone that will tolerate his presence. It is possible that he is not trolling and is actually the genuine faggot he claims to be, but no one really gives a shit at this point.

Written and approved by 59 himself


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