2dfighter, or 2df, "is a meeting ground where you can chat with and challenge other players from around the world to play in a wide selection of arcade games with minimal, often undetectable lag." It eliminates the Kaillera server from the connection, so you cannot blame any lag on the server.

How to set it up

.NET Framework

Make sure .NET framework 3.5 is installed, even though you should have it anyways…

Firefox and Opera fix for .NET ClickOnce

For Firefox, you only have to download FFClickOnce to use .NET ClickOnce apps.

But for Opera, I have absolutely no idea how to get ClickOnce working on that piece of shit, but this is what I came up with in Google:

Opera (tested with the latest version - 9.51) Tools->Preferences->Downloads->Add

Write the following values:

MimeType: application/x-ms-application
Extension: application 

Select Open With Other Application: and write: explorer.exe

Check "Pass Web Address Directly To The Application "


Just download this 2df ROM pack, it has most of the best fighting games and coop games.

Create an Account

Register here, the rest should be self explanatory.

Launch the 2df Application

After creating the account, click this to launch the 2df application and login. Then just go into the settings, the little hammer and wrench icon, and set the ROMpath.


To host a game in 2df, just open port 27886 UDP.


Main website
Register here
2df application
2df ROM pack
.NET framework 3.5

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